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Fibre optic

2) Speed
Manteniment inclós.


2) Do you want a maintenance service?
3) What type of IP do you need?
4) Do you want to save the installation costs?

Per 34,9 €/mes: instal·lació a cost zero i manteniment inclòs.

O vols pagar una quota més baixa i que l'equip sigui teu?

Instal·lació i adquisició de l'equip (antena, cablejat i router): 195 €. Quota d'Internet: 24,90 €/mes.

(*) Static IP address: This IP address never changes. It is needed for specific purposes: online applications, gamers, interactive services (videoconferences), security services (remote alarm or telemonitoring), etc.

(**) Dynamic IP address: This IP address changes periodically. It is an automatically configured IP address, which means that you have this type of IP unless you don’t ask for a static IP address.



1) Pick a network
Telefonia fixa

Home phone



Check out your custom plan according to the selected options.

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Preu telefonia fixa

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